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Case Study: Walt Disney Internet Group Japan’s Dimo Project

Date: February 28, 2007 By Pham Thi Thuy Ha

Most important question

How should WDIG increase the awareness of the Dimo brand among i-mode users?

Key drivers

· I-mode subscribers.

· I-mode providers (NTT Docomo).

· Strategic relationship-partnership with i-mode providers.

· Strategic partners with whom WDIG work with to develop character design and contents.

Competitive advantages

· ‘Living’ set of characters that can create different histories about the existence and therefore fulfill users’ need for self-image and identity.

· In-house innovation and technology enable WDIG to keep pace with fast changing Japanese mobile markets especially i-mode technology.

· Low operating costs.

Recommended strategy for WDIG

· Choose a product branding strategy, which is to create Dimo as a non-Disney brand exclusively to the set of Disney characters and to position Dimo brand as an individual brand that is totally separated from Disney brand.

· Continue to develop the power of Dimo set of characters as living characters by adding contents and histories characters can tell.

· Strengthen strategic relationship with NTT Docomo; continue to ask it for financial support for advertising and promotion campaigns; work closely with Docomo to develop new contents for future Docomo’s new series phones.

· Position Dimo brand as ‘self-image’.

· Target teenagers and adults in their early 20s who need self-image and identity to characterize themselves.

· Distribute Dimo set of characters via i-mode providers, especially via NTT Docomo.

· Communicate the positioning via Dimo Websites, ads on magazines and newspapers for teenagers and adults, TV commercials on channels for teenagers and adults, advertisement campaigns at places where teens and adults frequently come such as teenager shops.

· Register the trademark of Dimo set of characters and license the character set to expand business.

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