Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Case Study: Internal Branding at Yahoo

Date: January 23, 2007 By Pham Thi Thuy Ha

What I am going to achieve?

I want to change successfully corporate culture aligned with new business model and corporate values.


· Solve communication problem between the management and the employee and between business units.


· Strengthen the relationship between leaders and employees.


· Unite the management and employee.


· All Yahoo’s people share the same values.


· Link corporate external brand to corporate culture and values.

Fundamental question

How to best link corporate external brand to corporate culture and values?


· This question is strategic because this is a part of the implementation of the new business model.

· This question is explicit because it is clear and understandable.

· This question is executable because HR division and Yahoo’s people can do.

· This question is direct because it is a direction to achieve the goal.

· Will answering the question can solve the problem at hand? Yes

Yahoo has a strong external brand but the people inside Yahoo do not perceive the values of the brand that the external people perceive. Therefore, by answering the question, we can have Yahoo’s people perceive the same values.

· Will answering this question make you champion? Yes

If Yahoo’s people are united in purpose and know the direction of the company, Yahoo can implement successfully the new business model and become a ready-to-change organization.

The SEED question

How does Sartain link Yahoo’s external brand to the corporate values and culture?

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