Sunday, October 26, 2008

36th Symposium at St Gallen University (Switzerland)

In this essay, I regarded the whole world as a customer and a supplier, and entrepreneurship is beyond borders. Therefore, the new entrepreneurial formula to help entrepreneurs create viable businesses composes of 5 elements: Global Vision to know where to go in the future; Global Leadership Skills to lead their businesses in international environments; Technology Savvy to create new business and improve productivity; Multi-culture Awareness to shape company and customer cultures; and Entrepreneurial Passion to be successful in their venture of creating new global companies. These capabilities are essentially needed for entrepreneurs to transform their brave entrepreneurial ideas into flourishing global businesses.

To prepare for the 36th Symposium at St Gallen University in next coming May, I just attended an annual meeting of the St. Gallen Club of Japan held by the Swiss Embassy in Tokyo. I met with other 10 student-participants from Japan and the club members who shared wonderful experience in the past symposia. Currently, I am preparing questions and ideas about the topic “How to inspire and strengthen business relations between Europe and Asia” for special sections to discuss directly with the Symposium’s speakers. I intend to build a strong network with and introduce IUJ to the Symposium’s participants including students, politicians, scientists and business leaders. If you have any ideas or questions about those topics or the Symposium, please contact me so I can prepare to convey your ideas at this special international conference.

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