Saturday, April 12, 2008

Business Communication: sample of an internal memo

Spring 2006

To: All Weymouth Employees
From: Carl Weymouth
Date: September 10, 1990
Subject: Personnel Reduction at Weymouth in coming months

I am very sorry to inform you that our company will face serious difficulties in the near future. According to latest sales forecasts, the company’s revenues will probably decrease by 25% in the next eighteen months due to increasing competition from European and Japanese companies. To become more competitive, Weymouth needs new capitals to buy new equipment and restructure production processes at all mills. Moreover, the company needs to spend more money on controlling pollution levels within the state standards. Consequently, Weymouth must find effective solutions to save as many costs as possible.

Recently, our company has implemented several cost-cutting measures. The company has shut down several less efficient mills and processing plants, and delayed some plant modifications for those that do not meet environmental regulations. The company also has cut purchasing and supply costs, implemented restricted travel expenses and reduced operating expenses as many as it could do. However, these effective measures have not helped Weymouth meet its urgent need for capitals. Therefore, the last solution our company could take is to reduce our employment force by 1000 salaried positions at all levels in coming months.

The company will pay those who must leave the company and have one or more years of service a termination payment, unused vacation for 1990 and accrued vacation for 1991. Our company also pays one-month coverage insurance from the leaving date and a partial insurance at reasonable rates for the following months. The company’s managers will help those former employees search for new jobs.

On the other hand, the company will provide those who stay after this employment reduction with salary increases and improved benefit packages including provisions for retirement, vacations, medical and dental cares, life insurance and stock ownership. In return, those employees have to take more responsibilities and fulfill more job requirements. They also have to create more initiatives and work more effectively for the development of the company.

In coming months, supervisors will inform each employee individually his or her employment status and answer questions he or she may have.

I feel much regret to inform you this personnel reduction plan and look for your profound understanding of this solution. I will do my best to develop the company’s business and hope that former employees will have opportunities to work again at Weymouth.

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